Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm using the Aurafil thread and still having some tension problems.
The tread jumps around so much coming out of the tension discs on it's way up to the arm and then down to the needle.
I've seen Sharon Schambers video and she adds several thread guides (made from fishing pole guides) to the side of her machine just so the thread does not bounce around so much. That's my next mission.
I'm going to use some non-permanent silly-putty like molding clay to stick them on.
I'll let you know!


  1. Good morning! While you are working on thread guides, would this be a good time to hook up a laser light for using a panto? I used stick on velcro strips to attach 2 different LED lights to shine down on the stitching area on my HQ16--no more shadows! I have to watch all the cords getting on the tracks. Perhaps you could stick a laser light battery pen (they last a long time) to shine down on the panto. What do you think? Barbara

    1. That's a good idea. Where would I find a laser pen? Maybe at Harbor Freight?
      By the way I'm almost through with one line of meandering with a Panto and I'm sure I'd be much more accurate with a laser.

    2. I'm looking online, and see laser pointer pens for under $10 at Walmart, in the $20's at Best Buy, and in the $30's on up at Office Depot. Didn't find any online at HF (my husband's favorite place to explore!) Try them out at different mounting heights before you buy one; I'd think you'd know which one will pin-point your panto line best.

      Re: pantos. So many videos online show people going as fast as they can. I do better when I go slower. Some days I use the stitch regulator, and others (most) I find a good manual speed and follow to the rythm of the machine. It's very absorbing and relaxing following the curves. Go too fast and scratchy knots develop anywhere I pause too long. The thread breaks more often, too. If I remember correctly, you don't have a stitch regulator--what speed do you like?

    3. Right, I don't have a stich regulater.I have gone fairly slow and I think my stitches are too small. But I find my thread breaks if I go any faster.
      I am pretty good with free motion on my Juki but not with my gammill yet.
      One of my biggest problems do you check if your tension is good on the gammill?
      I've got a scarp sandwich and I've stitched along to edge where I can look under easily. But I find when I roll my quilt the tension has changed and I have to rip. I also tried crawling under the quilt but have a hard time seeing if the tension is good, even with a flashlight!!!!!

  2. Barbara, You have inspired me to get going with my longarm and do the panto's that I'm notso good at.
    I'm posting 2 pictures that show some of my progress.
    I'm encouraged again!!

    1. Barbara, Have you ever thought about making your own pantos?
      I'm going to try it and then let you know!

    2. OMG, Nina! I just spent time looking at your photos, I love your quilting!! Your awards must have been so exciting to receive, the stitching details are incredible! I love Sharon Schamber's work, too, and Diane Gaudynski's, as well as dozen's more. You must be so anxious to translate your ideas through your Gammill.

      Being a semi-computer-nerd, I bought Quilt Cad ($70) to make my own pantos, but haven't had the time to learn it. I can't wait to see what you create, I have some ideas for borders.

      We are in the same boat with bad tension discovered after rolling the quilt! On my last quilt, I vowed to pin a narrow sandwich on the rollers next to my quilt and try out the stitches with every bobbin change--then I can really see what I'll get. I'll report back on this.

    3. Barbara,
      I took some pictures (above) of the panto that I made. Not the greatest but maybe I will improve.
      Let me know if my instructions are not clear.

  3. Barbara, Thanks so much for your encouragement.I.m going on vacation this week and plan to take some handwork along. But afterward I will jump into mylongarm again, practicing my feathers and other designs that I can do on my Juki. I also plan tomake some of my own pantos.