Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm back to using aurafil thread like I did on my first 2 quilts and there is no problem with the tension.YES!
Practicing free motion with feathers and circles and I can see that with more practice I CAN DO THIS!
Next I'll see if I can follow a pantograph with my stylus.
I'm encouraged now.


  1. Congrats on your successes! I am a beginner longarmer even though I've had my HQ16 for 2 years. I want to build my self confidence for starting a quilting business. Feathers are my go-to design, they always play well with my patches! Aurafil is wonderful thread, and my HQ16 does best when bobbin and spool match. I look forward to following your blog. Your Texas neighbor, Barbara

    1. Thanks Barbara.
      I'm trying the Aurafil and am still getting a few tension problems but I haven't given up on it yet since it did so well for my first 2 quilts.
      On the other hand the Edge Rider wheels have made a world of difference . I can actually do some primitive feathers and circles that are rounded not squared off!
      Don't forget I have a very, very old machine, no stitch regulation, no channel locks, not even a laser to follow my panto's no needle up and down switch either.
      Your adventure in longarming will probably be much more fun than mine!!!