Monday, June 18, 2012

As you can see I'm not a great photographer. But I wanted to show the pantograph I made for my Gammill. It was fairly easy.
The pattern did not duplicate like I wanted but I'm still going to try and follow it and then turn it over to see if I can nest two rows together.

I traced a pattern from a pattern book and enlarged it on my copier to the size I wanted.
I had one motif upside down and one right side up with a wavy line connecting them.
Then I folded a piece of freezer paper (12 ft. long) accordian style the sme width as my design.
I pinned it to the folded freezer paper and with an OLD needle and no thread I stitched along the design to make little holes in all layers of the freezer paper.
When I opened my accordian of freezer paper I had my design holes for the entire 12 ft. of paper and  simply traced along the holes which finished my panto.

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