Monday, April 30, 2012

Paducah was WONDERFUL!
The newest place with great deals was at 420 Broadway. The shop had thousands of bolts all at $5 a yard. They were sorted by manufacturer. Hope they come back next year.
I bought most  4 yards pieces for backings. Also love to go to Eleanor Burns tent to watch her show and to get some of her $5 fabric for backs.
I did some research at the long arm vender's. My main question was " If I'm getting squared of corners on my old Gammill do I m]need edge rider wheels or could there be another reason why I'm having so much trouble doing any patterns that are  rounded, like feathers or circles. If any one out here has any advice, please let me know.

Monday, April 23, 2012

No longarming today. I've got to finish repairing 4 quilts for a lady in New Orleans.
I should have finished them by now. I could have used my fee for spending money in Paducah this week!!!
Can't wait to go.
There are 4 of us going. One has the "Paducah" truck as we call it. Extended cab and waterproof cover over the bed . We can fit all our luggage back there and all the fabric we buy. Two of my friends are looking to buy a new machine (show special prices) and we'll still have room!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My second quilt on the longarm. Free motion but still a long way to go in controlling my HORTENSE!
Notice my lines are not too straight etc.
I'm hoping with this journal blog I can show some improvement.
Will I have the nerve to do some feathers next?
The black quilting in the sashing was done on my Juki.
Tension and getting the stitches the same size will be the hardest since this old machine cannot be
stitch -regulated.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back to ripping out the rest of the stitches in the blocks of my SECOND long arm quilt.
Before I do , though, I'm going to take some pictures and load them onto this blog.
I hope I can figure out how to do that.
OK now you can see what I mean about an old,old Gammill.
The jacob's ladder quilt is my first. If you zoom in you acn see my quilting pattern, the squared off meander. Not the greatest, huh?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Today we go to the GSQA quilt show in Slidell LA. Gonna see some great eye candy, I'm sure.
Yesterday I started my second longarm quilt (i promise I will add some pictures soon) I have tension problems and have to take all the quilting in the blocks OUT!
By the way I named my longarm HORTENSE! That was also the name of my first VW bug in 1964 HA!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

OK, the picture on my blog is NOT my first longarm quilt!
It's my favorite quilt, all hand appliqued and hand quilted, from about 6 years ago.

Today I plan to give my Gammill (I still have to name her) a rest and try to finish the 4 quilts I am repairing. I'm going to use the money I get for Paducah next week. YAY, My 3 quilt buddies and I are driving up on Thursday and coming back on Sunday, can't wait.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OK, today I sew with my 3 frinds Brenda, Dannie and Beverly.
I'm going to show tham my first longarm quilt. :)
We are all going to Paducah next week and going to Eleanor Burn's tent FIRST for $5 a yard fabric
we can't live without.
I'm also trying to finish 4 quilts that I have to repair for a lady in New Orleans.
That will be my spending money for Paducah!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Firrst Longarm Quilt

I have an old-old Gammill longarm quilting machine. It was made in 1990 and actually looks kind of scary. I've had it since Aug. of 2011 but am only now able to sew on it. Many things have had to be replaced, motor, tension device,belts and the dial that adjusts speed.
My first quilt, a "Jacob's Ladder", was finished yesterday and I will post a picture soon.
The quilt design is free motion and is what I call a squared off meander.

Free motion quilting, from moving the fabric to moving the machine, what a steap learning curve this is going to be!!!