Monday, August 27, 2012

OK, My blog is boring!
But wait, I'm getting a new machine.
A 2006 model KenQuilt Royal. I just sent my cross track from my 14' table to be retrofitted for the KenQuilt.
It has a stitch regulator, Can you believ it!
Can't wait to get it.
My blog will become interesting again I hope.
I'm planning all kinds of free motion quilting to take placeee RIGHT HERE AT MY HOUSE!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I took out a lot of my stitches from the last longarmed quilt. The tension was terrible. So the next idea I have is to mount a camera on the side of my lower machine and a monitor on top to check my tension as I quilt. This old machine is giving me fits, but I won't give up yet. I did tell my husband I'm thinking of selling it.
I think that every once in a while.
The purchaser would have to move it though!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

FInally a new post

I quilted one of my quilts from the quilt cruise yesterday.
I didnt take a picture because I am not happy with it. So I'm taking alot of the quilting out.
My longarm likes to change the bottom tension while I'm quilting.
What do I do about that????
I'm going on one of those advice sites to see if I can fix it.
I'm really thinking about selling the thing. I know I can make a profit.
I ask myself "Why am I frustrating myself when I can do so much better on my Juki????????